The cruise


   We leave Argostoli at 9am and sail towards the fishing farms looking for the dolphins.We know they like to look at us through the Glass Bottom of they swim in our bow wave. Then we pass the Lighthouse St. Theordore at Fanari. Here we start to sail on the shallow water with a view of the seabed.
  After the Mediterranee Hotel, we put the engines down over the reefs and the view becomes more interesting. After the White Rocks with its majestic white sands, we visit Murderess Reef, next to St. Nicholas Island where we can view an ancient shipwreck with her cargo of Amphorae.
  We then sail to the unhabited island of Vardiani (Rabbit Island). Captain Makis will throw two bottles of wine into the sea for wine diving (masks, snorkels, flippers and wetsuits, life jackets for none swimmers will be provided). Captain Makis will tell you the history of the island and we then set sail NORMALLY to XI Beach for Captain Makis famous barbeque. Here we enjoy volleyball in the water, mud bath, swimming, sunbathing, (parasols are included), BBQ, wine, Greek salad, bread and fresh fruit. If ordered, vegetarian option is available.
   We leave the beach at about 4pm and return back with Karaoke songs and again looking for the dolphins before arriving back in Argostoli Port at 5.30pm.
The bar is open all day for snacks and drinks at extremely good prices and a wide selection of international Karaoke on the way back.

Recommended by BBC travel program
Trip recommended for all ages

The stops of the trip may change. Depending on weather conditions we choose the most suitable beach.


Vardiani island is at the entrance of the Gulf of Argostoli. Vardiani island is also known as rabbit island because rabbits are the only occupants ath the past!!!
There was a 34m. high lighthouse on the island builded by British Charles James Napier in 1824 . It was destroyed after the 1953's earthquakes and now you can see only some of the ruins. 

One of the first names of the island was Litoa or Lithia because of the altar devoted to Litoa , mother of god Apollo. Around the 10th century  named Vardiani after emperor Vardani ( the dreamer emperor) who was exiled from Byzantium to Kefalonia. It might also named Vardiani after the italian word "guardiano" that means guardian, as it used as an outpost against pirates and smugglers.

There is a  monastery on the island ,which was destroyed many times from earthquakes and also bombed from Germans during second world war. After the earthquake of  1953  the monastery demolished ,was never repaired and the island desolated.

The island is well protected from western winds.



Xi( pronounced "ksee") is a very long and flat beach of around 7 kilometres that's noted for the striking brick-red colour of its sand and the grey white cliffs behind.
The clay of the cliffs is said by locals to have medicinal properties that can cure skin disorders. Handfuls of the clay are mixed in sea water to create a thick paste which can be used as a sunblock.
Xi beach is mostly soft red sand with very shallow water so this is a good beach for families.

The beach is probably named after the shape of it ,which is like the greek letter "ξ".

 It is well  protected from the northern winds.



This beach is near the airport. It has swallow ,blue waters ,wide beach and small caves in limestone, which you can visit at your own risk. It is well protected from eastern and south winds.



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