The boat


The cruises were established in 1982, first as the Pub Old House I and then the Pub Old House II.
The new boat Sun Cruises is the product of this experience and has been converted especially for luxurious cruising with a large comfortable bar, sound/video systems, internet facilities, sun deck and of course, the undersea viewing windows.

The Sun Cruise is 24m long and it is fully equipped for a safe and full of fun trip!
There are:
- Lifesaving equipment (Life Jackets, Flares, Oars, Lamp, First Aid Kit, Anchor, Sun Canopy, Fire extinguisher, Instruction Leaflet , Rescue boat and everything else needed)
-3 wc, bar, music / karaoke

Boat Information: length 24m, 2 crew members, 2 staff members,  capacity 90 people.

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