Useful Info

General information
Capital of Kefalonia: Argostoli
Official language: Greek
Carency: Euro (€ EUR)
Climate: Mild and Mediterranean
Population: 34,408 (estimation 2001)
Surface area: 781 sq.Km
Coastline: 254 Km
Highest peak: Megas Soros (Aenos Mountain) 1628m.
Political system: Presidential Parliamentary Democracy
Dialing code: The international dialing code for Greece is +30 and the local dialing codes for Kefalonia are 26710, 26740

The climate is generally mild and Mediterranean.
In autumn and winter north and northwestern winds are dominant, while southern winds bring heavy rains. In the summer mild winds and the sea create conditions for an ideal stay. Important to the climate formation is the continuous sunshine from March to October. Heavy rains contribute to the rich vegetation and the many fruit bearing trees. The beaches are awarded Blue Flag distinctions every summer and are ideal for all ages.

The temperature in winter ranges from 8.3 to 13.9 Celsius and in the summer from 24.4 – 31.5 Celsius.

Useful information

Financial transactions

Currency: Euro


Hours of operation: 8:00 to 14:00. Daily, Friday, 8:00 to 13:30, closed on Saturday, Sunday, and on holidays.

Credit Cards

All credit cards as well as European cheques are recognized and become acceptable in most hotels, restaurants, shops, tourism offices and cars rentals. Labels in the windows of the shops will show which cards are acceptable.

Travelling cheques

Travelling cheques that are published by most of the large companies are recognized widely. All travelling cheques can be used in all Greek and foreigner banks, in offices of exchange and in large hotels, but do not forget that for this process, demonstration of identity or your passport is required.

Electric Current

The electric current in Greece is alternating 220 - 250 Volts in 50 Hz. Appliances from Northerner America need transformers and from England, a socket adapter. Interruptions of current are not extraordinary.


Time in Greece is 2 hours front from the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or 2 hours front from London, 7 hours front from New York, 7 hours behind Tokyo, and 6 hours front from Buenos Aires.

Feasts/Holidays 2008

1 January: New year’s day
6 January: Theophany
19 February: Lent Monday (Mobile Holiday)
25 March: National Holiday
6 April: Holy Friday (Mobile Holiday)
8 and 9 April: Easter (Mobile Holiday)
1 May: First of May
28 May: Holy Spirit (Holiday for the Public Sector, Mobile Holiday)
15 August: The Dormition of Virgin Mary
28 October: National Holiday
25 and 26 December: Christmas