Amazing Beaches

The entire coastline of Kefalonia is full of small and large bays in a huge variety. Sandy or pebble rock beaches are always clean, ideal for swimming and ready to satisfy every requirement and taste. It is not a coincidence that many of the beaches in Kefalonia have been awarded with blue flags. Some of the most famous beaches can be discovered in this section, as a detailed record is practically impossible. It is strongly recommended to visit as many of the hundreds, popular or unspoiled beaches as you can during your stay on Kefalonia.

Some of the most amazing beaches are:
Makris & Platis gialos
Makris and Platis Yialos are just 3 km from the centre of Argostoli and are two of the prettiest and most cosmopolitan beaches on the island, with fine, golden sands and crystal clear waters. Makris Yialos is fairly long (hence the name ‘long beach’) and remains clean throughout the year due to its location. It is one of the island’s chief tourist attractions and one of the most organized in all of Kefalonia, with a beach bar – restaurant, water sports and lifeguard.

Platis Yialos is a natural extension of Makris Yialos, from which it is separated by small rocky headland, making it possible to walk or swim from one beach to the other. To the south one can see the small beach of Tourkopodaro, while across the mouth of the bay stretches the peninsular of Paliki and the small islet of Vardiani, silhouetted against the deep blue sea of the Ionian. Both beaches are awarded the coveted blue flag every year for their clean waters and golden sands. Locals and visitors alike prefer these beaches for their proximity to Argostoli and the lively tourist region of Lassi, but chiefly because they are beautiful beaches that combine everything anyone could wish for on their summer holidays.

Ammes is a small sandy beach at the edge of Kefalonia Airport and it is approximately 9km away from Argostoli. The fine sand, the purity and tranquillity of its waters are a magnet for many of the residents and tourists. Close to Ammes there are many restaurants, taverns, hotels, studios and apartments.

Impressive experience for those being at Ammes are the planes landing and taking off from the airport, safely passing just few meter over them.

Ammes beach is characterized as a relatively shallow beach and the waves reaches the shore are mostly calm with no intensity. That makes Ammes the suitable beach for those seeking a beach to relax and ideal for families with children. Moreover, at some distance from the coast it deepens, resulting in satisfying the keen swimmers as well.

The beach is also well organised and there are services provided to the swimmers such as umbrellas, sunbeds, canteen for snacks and refreshments and fresh water to shower.

Myrtos beach is a stamp for the island. Nowadays, the name of Kefalonia is closely related to Myrtos beach. They is nobody who has chosen the island for holidays and has not seen or swum in that marvellous beach. Is has been characterized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and it holds a Blue Flag for that. First of all, the visitor, before even arriving at the beach, is enchanted by the wonderful green route leading to the beach. The picture he sees cannot be described with words; huge rocks encircle the bay in order to protect the beach from the wind, while the white sand at the bottom of the sea and its dark blue waters challenge the most daring swimmers to explore them; they have to be careful though because it gets deeper suddenly.

Xi beach is one of the most known beaches in the island, it is very close to Lixouri, the second biggest town of Kefalonia. It is an extensive beach that impresses visitors with the red colour of the sand and the swallow, safe waters. A Blue Flag has been awarded to the beach, it is perfectly organized and provides swimmers with all comforts for a pleasurable day at the beach; there are also sea sport equipment rentals to those who enjoy them. In addition there are two beach bars and a restaurant near the beach.